Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gracee is One!!

My sweet baby girl Gracee was born at 1:18 pm on January 6th 2009! I can't believe that was one year ago! Seems like yesterday it was mothers day and I was late on my period and just took a pregnancy test just to see. I didn't think it would be positive! I am gonna remember her birthday by telling my birth story!

On December 30, 2008 I went to my 37 week checkup and my blood pressure was a little elevated and my doctor was just a bit concerned. I wasn't surprised since this is the same thing that happened when I was pregnant with Dalton. He checked my cervix and I was right at 2 to 4 centimeters dilated. Me and Travis went in his office to talk and he asked if I would like to get induced. Me and Trav just looked at each other and said YES! We set the date for January 6 at 8:00 a.m.

On January 6, we get to the hospital at 8 but they don't get the i.v. or pitocen started until 9 a.m. The doctor came in right when I get settled to check me and I am already 5 centimeters! He then asks me if I want him to break my water and I say yes hoping this will speed this along more. After he does this I tell him I want an epidural because my experience last time after my water broke my contractions got unbearable and I went in knowing I would get the epidural. He tells me this is fine and goes to get the anesthesiologist. At 10:30 I get the epi but it takes them forever to get it to finally work since I was 6 centimeters when I get it. After the epi starts to work I take a nap and at 12:30 the doctor checks me and I am complete! I start pushing at 1:00 p.m and 18 minutes later I hear the most sweetest cry! They laid her on my chest and I thought to myself she is so tiny and cute! Travis kept saying look at all that hair!

The nurses then take her to be weighed and checked. Even though Gracee was 11 days early she weighed in at 7lbs 6oz and was 19 3/4 inches! She was and still is perfect!

37 weeks in first pic and the next one was 2 days before her birth


This is just a milestone log for my records.

Dalton (29 months)

Can say complete sentences
Can point out the colors red, yellow, brown, and orange
Knows the shapes of stars and circles (still working on this)

Gracee (12 months)

trying to run
New words: yee haw, night night, ball, bite
Points to objects she wants or chairs she wants to sit in
Tries to climb on everything

I think that's all I can think of for now. They are growing up fast!

Gracee is a walker!

When Gracee turned 11 months she could take two steps then fall. One week later it moved up to about 5 steps at a time before she would. The following week she just took off and walks more than she crawls. She is no longer my baby and is a walking, laughing, trying to talk toddler!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas! We spent time with family which we always enjoy. It was alot more fun with Dalton this year as he understood a little about santa. He knew that if he was a good boy that santa will bring presents. Dalton could sing a couple of the songs too. He could sing Rudolph and Santa Clause is coming to Town. Dalton also liked to stick his head in the chimney and yell for santa. No fire was going on of course. It was Gracee's first Christmas so she didn't get it but she had fun opening her gifts.

We all as family went to a tree farm and picked a Christmas tree and Travis cut it down. That was alot of fun and We got to ride on Santa's sleigh which was pulled by some huge horses.

Dalton's favorite toy he got was a riding bull. He is obssesed with bull riding and rodeos so we searched online for a bull on springs. He absolutely loves it and when anyone comes over he tells them he is a bullrider and wants to show them how he rides in the rodeo. Gracee's favorite toy is her little tikes car. She climbs in and out and will shut the door.

Next Christmas will be even more fun!!


WOW it has been forever since I updated! I am gonna try today while the kids nap to start from Christmas and update from there. Here is a mini update:

Gracee is walking now!
I got Dalton registered for preschool and he will start in August.
Gracee and Dalton have a friend Abby who stays with us on Mon., Wed., and Fridays.
Our life has been pretty boring so not much else to say! (which I am not gonna complain about!)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sick baby

Sunday morning I go in to get Gracee out of her crib and she is burning up! I check her temperature and it is 101.6! First thing I thought of was oh no she has the flu!! I gave her some Motrin and about 20 minutes later she is fine and playing like nothing is wrong. I took her to the doctor Monday and find out she has an ear infection! I thought nursing was supposed to help prevent these! I am just glad it is not the flu! Tuesday she was back to her happy self and even started eating again. Now today she is whiny and will not eat a thing and acts like she does not feel good. I check her temp. and it is 99.1. I hope the antibiotic is working and its not getting worse. I hate it when any of my babies are sick!

The hubby went out of town with his brother. They will not be back until Sunday. This is our first time being away from him this long. My mother in law is staying with us at night. I don't like being alone at night. I am so looking forward to Sunday!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Decision has been made!

I decided to keep the little girl 3 days a week! I met with her and her parents over the weekend and they all seemed to be honest and extremely nice people. The little girl her name is Abby was the complete opposite of Dalton. She was quiet and laid back while Dalton is loud and well very loud. I think she will be no problem as I am home all day anyway taking care of kids. This way I will make a little extra money. Dalton liked her he kept bringing toys to her. Gracee was asleep when they were here but woke up as they were leaving. Gracee kinda just stared at them. I have a really good feeling about it!

We had our Christmas pictures done yesterday at the Botanical Gardens. They are gonna be beautiful! I cannot wait to see them! One picture she took of us walking down a brick walkway with the pond on one side. Me and Travis were holding Dalton's hand and Travis was holding Gracee. I know this one will be one of my favorites! It was such a beautiful day to do pictures!